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    [[File:372367 | class=media-item-align-center | 2011_Mountain_Valley.jpg]] Yellowrock is a wilderness hexcrawl campaign using the Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition rules. The campaign will be played online using Roll20, a virtual tabletop. A " …

  • Locations

    [[Aldlight Wood]] [[Bad Horse Creek]] [[Black Arrow River]] [[Blackflower Hills]] [[Front Range]] [[Highhorn Mountains]] [[Highhorn Uplands]] [[Springfall River]] [[The Hook]] [[Westland Range]] [[Yellowrock]]

  • Yellowrock

    [[Yellowrock]] is a small village -- really little more than a camp -- clustered around an ancient stone hillfort. The population is about 200, and all but a handful of the locals are human. The village is home to many prospectors and miners who work the …

  • The Founders

    The collective name for the four adventurers who founded [[Yellowrock]]: [[:roark]], [[:woodrow]], [[:karas]] and [[:nigel]]. They came to the [[Highhorn Uplands]] a little more than a year ago and won their fortune.

  • Black Arrow Lake

    This is a small lake on the [[Black Arrow River]], nestled in the hills about ten miles northeast of [[Yellowrock]].

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